Begin Again1.2021

After reading a post on [asymco][1] about becoming an expert it reminded me of the last time I took a shot at blogging on a regular basis. Looking back at what I thought was a decent month of solid posts on my blog back in February 2009 I realized much of the topics covered are still on my mind and still influencing my lack of production.

    Look at this ambitious list of titles:
  1. Converting Ideas Into Actions
  2. Single-Tasking
  3. Different Approach
  4. Passion = Success
  5. Digging for a Passion
  6. What About Skill?

It was a series of posts where I attempted explain the reasoning for my inability to "ship" anything. By blogging semi daily I figured it would get the ball rolling and lead into other positive daily habits. Instead it became a burden on my tiny shoulders leaving me struggling to keep up pace. Here I am again taking a stab at finding my voice on this site looking to deliver something that I'm proud to put my name on. I'm going use this space as a way to talk about what is in progress, in my mind, and most importantly what I'm shipping that day.

--- [1]: "Expert system"